GRM $2008 Challenge

A bubblebutt . . . just shoot me now

Well, just shoot both of us . . .

After a great deal of time and effort, circumstances forced us to abandon
our plans to race the bubblebutt this year.
Instead we competed once again with the Beige Car - the same we had last year.
After some rushed last minute preparation on the car, another LLLOOOONNNGGG drive
to Florida, and doing the best we could with a bad posi in the autocross and
the drags, we managed to improve our final standings to . . .

oops . . .

seems we placed 17th overall, same as last year.

the bad posi hurt a lot in the autocross - we placed mid pack. We didn't do
quite as well as the previous year in the concourse, either. But we did manage
a 6th place in the drags with a 12.53 !!

No matter - we had fun and we expect to be better prepared next year !
We were very lucky that we didn't lose the trailer with our race wheels and
luggage - many thanks to Jason for fixing that for us.

The following were our sponsors for 2008:
Kocky Products
and Boise Paint and Spray

and here is "The Beige Car" . . .

J4JPS at the GRM $2008 Challenge
(from last year)

J4JPS at the GRM $2008 Challenge
waiting in line

J4JPS at the GRM $2008 Challenge
ready to race !

J4JPS at the GRM $2008 Challenge
MSgt Johnson and the Beige Car

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